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Course Planning

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Academic Planning

Once ExploreCourses, Stanford's official course catalog, opens for the academic year in mid-August, begin looking for courses that will allow you to explore academic interests and potential majors. Explore what interests you, even if you are unfamiliar with the discipline. Many of Stanford’s fields will be entirely new to you. Use resources such as your Undergraduate Advising Director, the Academic Advising website, and program and departmental websites to identify the types of classes and the specific courses in which you may be interested. Identify more courses than you intend to take, rather than trying to finalize your schedule before you arrive on campus. While enrollment will open for continuing students on September 5, new first-year students will have a New Student Advisement Enrollment Hold that will be released during New Student Orientation. At that time, you will be able to begin enrolling in your Autumn Quarter courses.

You are welcome to review the 2023 Course Planning Resources on this page. The 2024 Resources will be posted beginning in April/May.

Advising for Incoming Students

The 2023 Summer Academic Advising Video Series: "Exploring Your Stanford Courses" will give you an important overview to academics and choosing your first set of courses at Stanford. Be sure to watch the series and use the resources listed on this page in preparation for your first advising meeting.

Academic Planning Worksheet

Complete this worksheet in preparation for your first advising meeting.

Approaching Stanford Handbook

Read the Academic Life chapter for a broad overview of academics at Stanford.


Stanford's official digital course catalog is published every August for the upcoming academic year.

General Education Requirements

Review University policies and requirements in the Stanford Bulletin.


Civic, Liberal, and Global Education (COLLEGE) is a first-year General Education Requirement.

Introductory Seminars

IntroSems are small, hands-on courses taught by esteemed faculty.

Frosh 101

Frosh 101 is a discussion-style course to help you transition to Stanford.

Getting Started In...

Arts, Engineering, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Sustainability

Explore Programs

Browse Majors, Minors, and more in the Stanford Bulletin